Ep 64: Social Quiztancing vs Actrivia

Hey Riddle Riddle meets Hey Trivia Trivia

We are thrilled to have Adal Rifai who is Chunt on Hello from the Magic Tavern and a cohost on Hey Riddle Riddle and his cohost from Hey Riddle Riddle, John Patrick Coan as team Actrivia on this episode of Quiz Quiz Bang Bang! David is joined by improviser extraordinaire Kate Cohen as Social Quiztancing. Annie hosts this very fun and silly episode of Hey Riddle Riddle meets Hey Trivia Trivia. Do you know the answers to the following questions:

Frank Gorshin, John Astin and Jim Carrey have all played Edward Nygma who is known better by what alternate name?

Which beer was known as “the beer that made Milwaukee famous”?

In the animated TV show, Gargoyles, what was the name of their leader?

Who is the youngest daughter of King Lear who was faithful to him despite being disinherited?

Who was the first host ever of Saturday Night Live?

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