Bing Bang Bonus: World War 2

World War 2 Trivia

To commemorate this year’s D-Day we have made a World War 2 trivia episode. Special guest Jozef Rijks, born in Overpelt, Belgium, wrote this episode for us. Questions in this episode include:

What was the name of the belgian king who surrendered to the germans on May 28, 1940?

The Nederlands were invaded by Nazi Germany on Mai 10, 1940. When did it officially surrender?

What is the name of the german battleship scuttled in the Rio Plate by the Germans on december 17 1939 after a sea battle with the English?

Following the armistice signed on 22 June 1940, France was divided in an occupied zone and the so-called free french state. Which town was the capital of this french state?


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