Get four comediennes in a room to play Quiz Quiz Bang Bang and you get some funny trivia. Tahnee Lacey and Alexandra Tsarpalas as team Egg Taco take on Kelsie Huff and Amy Sumpter as Clumpy Clot. This episode has questions from literature and television to film and science. Our guests knew some of these, but do you know how to answer the following questions?

“The famous 1987, PSA campaign “this is your brain on drugs” ends with what two words?”

“There are two countries tied with the most gold medals in the Olympics for Female Marathon runners with two. Name one of them and for 2 points, name the other country.”

“What is the name of the dentist who participated in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral?”

“What 80s children’s television show included Mayor Ben, Bill Der Beaver, Lookout Bear, Whazzat Kangaroo, Van Go Lion, Bravo Fox, and Talkatoo Cockatoo?”