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  • Ep 133: General Trivia

    Ep 133: General Trivia

    On Today’s Trivia Podcast Episode David and Annie are thrilled to have a sponsor with Jstudy and you can get 50% off now when you click on this link https://www.jstudyguide.com/discount/QUIZBANG: There are three guests mentioned in the song “The Monster Mash”, who are they? What word, derived from Greek, refers to a chain, cluster or…

  • Bing Bang Bonus: Halloween Trivia

    Bing Bang Bonus: Halloween Trivia

    Quiz Quiz Bang Bang has transformed into Quiz Quiz Fang Fang! This spooky Halloween trivia episode will have you screaming, locking your doors, but mostly answering trivia questions. Can you answer “Now a days Jack-O-Lanterns are mostly carved out of pumpkins but what was originally used?” or Which novel ends with “He was soon borne…