Ep 45: General Trivia

Are you ready to hone your skills with these trivia practice questions? We have another episode out with a nice variety of questions. Do you know how to answer the following questions: Boxer Cassius Clay changed his name in 1964 to what? Venus is the Roman counterpart of which Greek Godess? Created by the artist […]

Bing Bang Bonus: Chicago Symphony Orchestra Trivia

Chicago Symphony Orchestra We are honored to welcome Frank Villella, Director of the Rosenthal Archives of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to the show! This CSO-themed episode was written by Frank and has a bounty of great classical music and CSO trivia. Frank co-hosts with David to bring you 20 great questions. For instance: How many movements are […]

Ep 40: Windmill Aficionados vs Giggling Geese

This trivia showdown is a family competition between Jos and Mamie Rijks as the Windmill Aficionados vs Teresa and Diana Rijks as the Giggling Geese. This episode has questions from history and art to television and science. Our guests knew these, but do you know how to answer the following questions? “Which element is present […]