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  • Ep 174: General Trivia

    Ep 174: General Trivia

      On Today’s Quiz Podcast Episode Time for 20 new questions on this trivia podcast! After which goddess was the capital of Greece named? What type of animal come in Rothschild’s, Masai, and West African varieties? Mont Blanc is the highest point in which country? The Norse goddess Freyja travelled in a chariot pulled by…

  • Ep 116: Bowlz vs We know nothing but poopoo

    Ep 116: Bowlz vs We know nothing but poopoo

    Trivia with Improvisers We are so excited to have Rich Sohn, Neal Dandade, Susan Messing and Rachael Mason on our show! They are improv legends and we hope you check out their show High Society on twitch. You can watch, learn and follow these amazing performers and teachers at the following places: Rachael – missrachaelmason…