Bing Bang Bonus: World War 2 Trivia

World War 2 Trivia To commemorate this year’s D-Day we have made a World War 2 trivia episode. Special guest Jozef Rijks, born in Overpelt, Belgium, wrote this episode for us. Questions in this episode include: What was the name of the belgian king who surrendered to the germans on May 28, 1940? The Nederlands…

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Ep 53: General Trivia with Budds

  We have a very special guest today – Ryan Budds from Trivia with Budds¬†joined us today for a super fun episode of Quiz Quiz Bang Bang. He has a daily trivia show that you can check out his podcast or on YouTube. ¬†Do you know the answer to the following questions: Christopher Lloyd won…

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Ep 32: Evil Mortys vs Pickled Ricks

We welcome the gentlemen of Hysteria 51 who leave their podcast to try out a trivia podcast! This episode has questions from mythology and country music to sports and history. Do you know, “Who had the top selling country album of all time?” or “What GUI stands for in technology?” Find out in this episode!…

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