Golden Girls Trivia

Bing Bang Bonus: Golden Girls Trivia 2 with the Golden Gays

  Golden Girls Trivia This episode could not be more fun with our very special guests The Golden Gays. The Golden Gays take a break from their busy touring schedule to help us with some fun Golden Girls trivia. Gerry Mastrolia is The Rose, Jason Bea Schmidt is The Dorothy and Christopher Eklund is The…

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Bing Bang Bonus: Golden Girls Trivia

  Golden Girls Trivia Thank you for being a friend! We want to celebrate Betty White’s 100th birthday with some Golden Girls’ Trivia. Sarah Hanchar, performer at Unexpected Productions, and mega fan of Rose, Sophia, Blanche and Dorothy. Join us for a celebration of cheesecake, friendship, Miami and more cheesecake. Can you answer Golden Girls…

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