Bing Bang Bonus: Golden Girls Trivia 2 with the Golden Gays


Golden Girls Trivia

This episode could not be more fun with our very special guests The Golden Gays. The Golden Gays take a break from their busy touring schedule to help us with some fun Golden Girls trivia. Gerry Mastrolia is The Rose, Jason Bea Schmidt is The Dorothy and Christopher Eklund is The Blanche. We want to give a big thank you Anthony Giorgio, the director, for putting this together. and mega fan of Rose, Sophia, Blanche and Dorothy. Join us for a celebration of cheesecake, friendship, Miami and more cheesecake. Can you answer Golden Girls questions like:

What position did the 5th character that was cut from Golden Girls after the pilot hold?

A mix up for wedding invitations and an Elvis Presley fan club meeting results in a bunch of Elvis Impersonators attending the wedding of which Golden Girl?

What is the name of the retirement home that Sophia stayed in?

On the episode “Valentine’s Day” which celebrity does Sophia go on a date with?

What is the name of Sophia’s sister that she often spars with?

The girls suffer a major robbery after returning from a concert of what major pop star?

What is the name of my gay brother?

In the episode “Isn’t It Romantic,” misinterpreting words, I compare Jean to what celebrity?

What is the name of the Hungarian artist who created a sculpture emulating the best features of Dorothy, Rose and me?

Name one of the two movies that Dorothy’s friend Jean and I saw at the Cry Me A River matinee.

What wardrobe malfunction do I suffer when performing as Josie?

I’m full of bitter butter memories because I failed to make what?

What is the name of my crossdressing brother?

Sunshine cadet Jenny holds ransom my favorite childhood what?

What was Mark Perper’s campaign slogan for 3rd grade class president?

Lucas and I pretend to get engaged as a prank on which character?

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