Cat Party

Ep 120: Millennium vs Willenium Trivia Rematch

Trivia Rematch We are so excited to have our friends from Cat Party return! Mary and Margo team up again as Millenium to take on Annie and Bert as Willenium. Back by popular demand, can Willenium win a second time or does Millenium take them down in this trivia rematch??   Do you know the…

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Ep 20: Periodic Tabledancers vs No Stupid Answers

This week’s episode of Quiz Quiz Bang Bang is “Sibling Rival Week 2: The Siblings Strike Back”! Mary from Cat Party takes on her brother Ryan. Mary has her husband Bert (also from Cat Party) backing her and Ryan has his wife Emily. David is our host extraordinaire. We have trivia varying from, “What word…

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Ep 16: Josie and the Pussycats vs Dannie and the Elfmen

This week’s episode of Quiz Quiz Bang Bang is “Sibling Rival Week”! Annie takes on her brother Peter. Annie has her husband David backing her and Peter has his wife Jamie. And we welcome a very special guest host, a member of Cat Party, Margo Busch. We have trivia varying from which Author invented the…

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