Ep 47: General Trivia

Are you ready to answer some challenging trivia questions? We have another episode out with a nice variety of questions. Do you know how to answer the following questions: Which planet has the fastest orbit around our sun? When ANAEROBIC RESPIRATION occurs in humans, where glucose is given as energy to a cell without oxygen, […]

Ep 25: General Trivia

This week’s practice episode of Quiz Quiz Bang Bang starts with our first trivia mystery! Can you figure out where Listener Andrew lives by the clues he gives?  This trivia episode has questions from mythology and space to literature and geography.  What are the only three countries of Europe that the prime meridian passes through? […]

Ep 24: Mom, Dad, and Uncle Julian vs Goldie Han Solo

  This week’s trivia program of Quiz Quiz Bang Bang is “Mom, Dad, and Uncle Julian vs Goldie Han Solo”! Friends and Patrons of the podcast Melvin and Kimberly take on David. Has all their hours of listening to our trivia podcast paid off? This is David’s second time flying solo, last time he soared […]