Ep 120: Millennium vs Willenium Trivia Rematch

Trivia Rematch We are so excited to have our friends from Cat Party return! Mary and Margo team up again as Millenium to take on Annie and Bert as Willenium. Back by popular demand, can Willenium win a second time or does Millenium take them down in this trivia rematch??   Do you know the…

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Ep 116: Bowlz vs We know nothing but poopoo

Trivia with Improvisers We are so excited to have Rich Sohn, Neal Dandade, Susan Messing and Rachael Mason on our show! They are improv legends and we hope you check out their show High Society on twitch. You can watch, learn and follow these amazing performers and teachers at the following places: Rachael – missrachaelmason…

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Bing Bang Bonus: Chicago Symphony Orchestra Trivia

Chicago Symphony Orchestra We are honored to welcome Frank Villella,¬†Director of the Rosenthal Archives of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra¬†to the show! This CSO-themed episode was written by Frank and has a bounty of great classical music and CSO trivia. Frank co-hosts with David to bring you 20 great questions. For instance: How many movements are…

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