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  • Ep 192: General Trivia

    Ep 192: General Trivia

    On Today’s Quiz there will be a Trivia Round Time for 20 new questions on this trivia podcast! Enjoy our trivia questions: Who was the first pilot to fly faster than the speed of sound? Vonetta Flowers was the first black athlete to win a gold medal in the winter olympics. In what event did…

  • Ep 176: Paranormal Trivia with The Monsters vs 51 Roses

    Ep 176: Paranormal Trivia with The Monsters vs 51 Roses

    Paranormal Trivia Welcome to our spookiest episode yet! Our Paranormal Trivia episode is packed with talent. Derek Hayes from Monster Among Us goes up against Brent Hand from Hysteria 51 and Amberrose Hammond from Ghostly Talk. David Flora hosts this episode and asks amazing questions like: Symbolizing the horrors of starvation, which Algonquian creature is…

  • Ep 42: General Trivia

    Ep 42: General Trivia

    We’re back with another episode of general trivia! Test your knowledge with a variety of questions from all kinds of categories. Because an idle mind is a terrible thing to taste! What is the only organ that can regenerate itself? What is the name of the creator and star of Fleabag? Which U.S. city’s largest…