Ep 67: General Trivia

We hope you enjoy this fun and challenging trivia podcast with a nice variety of questions! We have everything from music to science and sports to literature. Can you answer the following questions: Which French artist painted “Olympia” and “Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe”? What part of an automobile engine produces electricity to keep the battery…

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Ep 50: General Trivia

We are celebrating 50 episodes of podcast trivia! How are we celebrating? With more trivia! Do you know how to answer the following questions: Which former world heavyweight boxing champion was known as “The Brown Bomber”? The Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet in which country? What news outlet became the first commercially run, US digital media…

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Ep 8: Millennium vs Willenium

This episode has the members of Cat Party splitting into team Millennium (Margo and Mary) vs team Willennium (Bert and Annie) battling it out with David as host. Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you like what we do consider treating us to a coffee at https://ko-fi.com/quizbangpod Music Hot Swing, Fast Talkin, Bass Walker, Dances and Dames, Ambush Kevin MacLeod…

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