Hysteria 51

Ep 176: Paranormal Trivia with The Monsters vs 51 Roses

Paranormal Trivia Welcome to our spookiest episode yet! Our Paranormal Trivia episode is packed with talent. Derek Hayes from Monster Among Us goes up against Brent Hand from Hysteria 51 and Amberrose Hammond from Ghostly Talk. David Flora hosts this episode and asks amazing questions like: Symbolizing the horrors of starvation, which Algonquian creature is…

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Ep 32: Evil Mortys vs Pickled Ricks

We welcome the gentlemen of Hysteria 51 who leave their podcast to try out a trivia podcast! This episode has questions from mythology and country music to sports and history. Do you know, “Who had the top selling country album of all time?” or “What GUI stands for in technology?” Find out in this episode!…

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