Ep 180: Go Big or Go Blue vs Crotch Potatoes

Kannie takes on Goldie Han Solo in trivia!


We are so excited to have such incredible talented guests on this episode. ComedySportz star and Evanston Block Party Thrower Kat Gotsick teams up with David Flora as team Go Big or Go Blue as they go up against Pat Dwyer and Zach Thompson who you can see on MST3K. Russ Friedewald, the founder of Trivia Workshop hosts this show. How would you hold up against them with questions like:

Originating in Baja California, tacos de camarones are typically stuffed with lettuce, pico de gallo, avocado, cream, and what other ingredient, described as “the fruit of the sea” in a 1986 Winston Groom novel and its 1994 film adaptation?

Mathematically equivalent to the “Three Prisoner Problem”, the now well-known probability puzzle first posed by statistician Steve Selvin in 1975 is commonly known by a name that references what game show host?

The songs “gold rush”, “happiness”, “cowboy like me”, “mad woman”, “betty”, and “peace” are among the eleven tracks that earned Spotify’s “explicit” tag on a pair of albums released by what artist in 2020?

An old Teddy Roosevelt quote, “Keep your eyes on the stars, but your feet on the ground” was tweaked a bit in the 1970s by what disc jockey who used his version when signing off from his various radio and TV jobs over the next four decades?

As you might be able to gather from its name, the stadium that hosted the home games for the New York Giants baseball team from 1891–1957 was built on a site previously used for what other sport?

Founded in 1850 by a Scotsman who once foiled a plot to assassinate Lincoln, what company sued the band Weezer for trademark infringement the day before the release of their second studio album?

Now a 33-year-old nurse, Maggie Goldenberger seems fine with the notoriety it brought her, but what author was confused and annoyed when he was asked about his part in the “ERMAHGERD” meme in 2012?

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Hot Swing, Fast Talkin, Bass Walker, Dances and Dames, Ambush by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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